The American Language Academy (ALA) was founded in 1970 by specialists in the field of teaching English as a second language. With thousands of successful graduates on five continents ALA continues to grow. ALA Programs are located at prestigious universities and boarding schools throughout the United States, and in Berlin, Germany. Their programs feature professional instruction using the latest technology, and provide students with a full range of services, from housing, cultural orientation and academic advising, to exciting weekend activities.

The American Language Academy offers students an established history of professional instruction in the teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), with a proven record of success in preparing its graduates for a world where English language use is critical. Using an eclectic approach and sound professional judgment, ALA teachers and curriculum developers present lessons proven effective by the outstanding results of students who complete our instructional program.

Carefully designed class activities, along with structured out-of-class trips and tasks provide students rich opportunities to develop their English proficiency in meaningful ways. All aspects of the ALA Program - curriculum and instruction, trips and activities, and carefully assigned and monitored housing accommodations and community-based opportunities - combine to offer all students opportunities to learn, practice and use English in contexts relevant both to their lives at ALA, and afterwards. No student leaves ALA without having had their lives enriched in significant ways.

In a world where living and working effectively with native and non-native speakers of English is critical for success, ALA offers more than any other intensive English program in the world.